Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week of 10/25 Response

This week's chapter was seven, of Ashburn/Floden. This chapter deals with teachers and how effective they are at knowing and utilizing technology. Teachers need to know how to find and develop technology that can be an influential part of their curriculum. They also need to have a variety of technology sources to have meaningful learning to fully engage the students. Teachers should not be expected to be experts in technology. They do need to know that technology is available and the ways to find and use it effectively.
This chapter focused on what teachers need to do to be tech-savvy and it also focused on the problems that can happen due to the use of technology.
Technology is unreliable, therefore some teachers may be skeptical about fully implementing technology into their curriculum. They need to understand that they should have a 'back-up' plan in case something goes wrong with the technology. Time (to learn and evaluate technology), access (for all student users) and support (of parents, fellow teachers and administrators) are all factors that will affect how well technology is implemented in classrooms.
I found an article that deals with teachers using technology in the classroom (Shaw, 2004). I found this article interesting because in our district, we've tried to convince the administration to give each classroom teacher an LCD projector. We have SmartBoards (4 for the building to share) but they are big, cumbersome, and not very user-friendly. If each classroom had an LCD projector then the information from the computer (worksheets and/or internet sites) could be projected onto the screen and all students would benefit from the information shown.
The key to the LCD being successful is the 'one-click' concept. If all pieces of technology - the projector, VCR, DVD player- were permanently installed in each classroom, the 'one-click' method would allow for quicker access to the technology and the teacher would be prepared to use any item he/she wants. The advantages for teacher instruction and student learning would increase due to the availability of technology.
I may take this article as an argument for our teachers as to why this would be a great piece of technology to obtain for the teachers in our district.

Ashburn, E. & Floden, R. (Eds.) (2006). Meaningful Learning Using Technology: What Educators Need to Know and Do. Teachers College Press, NY.

Shaw, Trevor. (2004). "One -Click Classrooms" Make it Easy for Teachers to Use Technology. MultiMedia & Internet @ Schools, 11, 32-34.

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